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There are hazards for your car, and it's the finish in the real world. You should just wash your car... Your car is one of the largest investments you will make.

In order to protect the finish from scratches and minimize oxidation, keep the exposed areas as clean as possible.

Simply brushing up against a dirty car scratches the finish. Salt and Magnesium Chloride can then penetrate those scratches and eat away at both paint and parts. This consistent and constant barrage of grit and corrosive elements are just standard operating procedure here in Colorado.

Why does Washing my Car help?
Much like changing your engine oil promotes extended engine performance, you should remove the salt, grime, and mag chloride from your paint at least once a week during the snowy season to protect the finish. Clean your car, or expect it to look a bit different sooner rather than later.

What is Mag Chloride?
Municipalities mix chemicals with the sand and gravel they spread on the streets and highways to increase traction for the general public. Municipal road crews use a chemical called "Magnesium Chloride" to lower the freezing temperature of the snow pack. The mix of these chemicals with salt, sand, and gravel does promote better traction in bad weather. This mixture, while making the roadways much safer during the snowy season, takes a toll on your cars finish. Extended exposure to this slurry for extended periods, can dull your paints finish and lead to rusting of exposed metal.

We invest tens of thousands of dollars on our automobiles. Removing the dirt, road grime, and harmful chemicals once a week will help to keep your car show room fresh and extend the exterior finish and undercarriage as long as possible.

Use one of our automatic washes and watch the work get done.
You deserve it, and so does your car.

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