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Centennial Car Wash History

Fox Hills Car Wash, in Centennial Colorado, has been washing cars since 2009. Grizco Construction and Grizco Carwashes contracted to have the Fox Hills Car Wash built and installed in January of 2009. The Fox Hills Car Wash opened it's doors in March 2009. The photo to the right, without any of the trees, shows how it looked on day one. Grizco Carwashes owned and operated the Fox Hills Car Wash until June 2013.

In June 2013 the Fox Hills Car Wash was sold to Comtec Car Wash. After the purchase in 2013, Comtec has spent a year fixing, upgrading, and bringing the systems back up to a world class standard. Now, in 2014, it's time to roll out the new signage and marketing.

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