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What makes a good car wash?

Breaking down car wash operation, what is good for the customer and what is good for the client. Washing your car. "What we look for in a Good Car Wash":
Everybody should get their car or truck washed. Even if you don't get your car washed here, please do find a great car wash. To help, we'll pass along the things we look for in a car wash. Here are the things we find important.
  • The most important consideration is car wash convenience. The easier it is for you to wash your car, the more often you will be inclined to do it.
  • A car wash with out easy access isn't much of a car wash. We like to have room to dry the thing off.
  • A car wash with enough capacity so the wait is not too long. Typically a wand bay car wash with one or two roll-over automatics, with 24/7 open times is best. As long as their equipment is adequate, you can go before work, after work, late evening or even weekends is best. Your time is your most precious commodity, and with this type of car wash, you can choose any time most convenient for you

  • "What we look to avoid in a Car Wash":
    Avoid using tunnel washes, that is washes that pull your car through a long tunnel while you are either in, or in some cases, out of the car. These washes emphasize higher throughput to the owner, this is not what you are looking for as a consumer, you want a clean car, not a fast wash with dirt left or damage to your vehicle. Tunnel wash equipment leaves a lot to be desired, there is not enough time while a car is being pulled through a tunnel for the equipment to get adequately in front and the rear of a car in order to clean it sufficiently. They usually revert to friction to scrape the dirt off quickly, wherever they can reach quickly and they use human labor on the other end to remove dirt missed during the wash. They also revert to much harsher chemicals to maximize the effect using their inferior equipment which will hurt your car's finish after repetitive washes.

    Bottom Line:
    Look for a car wash that the owner has taken some pride in keeping it clean. You wouldn't eat at a dirty restaurant, why wash at a dirty car wash. Check that the lighting is good so that you can see what you are doing at late hours and where you would feel safe going to at any time of the day. The best car washes are run by individual owners who take pride and are primarily in the business of cleaning cars. Most gas station washes usually set the bar pretty low. It is not their primary business and they look at the car wash as a necessary evil that they have to offer. They are generally interest only in quick throughput because they only have one machine to handle all their customers. They usually buy the cheapest equipment, use the cheapest chemicals, shorten the wash times, minimize heating the water they use, and sometimes don't even soften the water used for washing. An individual investor will be more inclined to do what is necessary to offer a clean car and provide a satisfied customer.

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