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About Fox Hills Car Wash - Centennial/Aurora, Colorado

Fox Hills Carwash, our mission to provide the best in state-of-the-art carwashing technology. What is Fox Hills Car Wash?
The Fox Hills Car Wash is a 7 bay car wash, with 3 automatic systems, and 4 manual wand wash bays. Each of our car wash systems (automatic and manual) is designed to wash cars, trucks, and even SUVs. The only thing you have to do is decide whether or not to get your feet wet,

In addition to the car wash bays, we have vacuums, a chamois station, shampoo machines, air freshener machines, and room to dry your car off when you are done. Designed to stay open when it's cold, and well lit at night; there isn't a time of day or night we aren't ready to serve you.

Our car wash is located at 4590 S Reservoir Road in Centennial, Colorado.
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Fox Hills has World Class Car Wash Equipment
Our car wash provides the very best equipment available to clean your car. The Fox Hills Car Wash has Karcher state of the art touchless Automatic Car Wash systems and Karcher High Power Manual Wands. Known throughout the industry as the "clean choice," Karcher touchless car wash systems clean like no other. We have not one, but three of the Automatic systems so you don't have to wait to sit and watch your car get clean. Designed to clean off thick dirt, in extreme temperatures, and cut through harsh chemicals (like Magnesium Chloride) Karcher car wash systems are amazing. We think you'll agree this is the way to clean your car.
What is Magnesium Chloride? And what does it do to my car?
Fox Hills Car Wash is a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Carwash Association.

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